JDI Taiwan announces branding change for industrial display products


Display manufacturer JDIT-K announces

branding change for industrial display products


Industrial display solutions now feature JDI corporate branding


Kaohsiung, Taiwan <6th, April, 2023>. Industrial display manufacturer JDIT-K (JDI Taiwan Kaohsiung) has announced that from 1st February 2023 all display products and value-added solutions manufactured in Kaohsiung Taiwan will now be officially branded and marked as JDI (Japan Display Inc) products.


Formerly known as KOE (Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics), a corporate reorganisation and rebranding saw the formation of JDIT-K (JDI Taiwan Kaohsiung) in December 2021. JDIT-K is responsible for the design, development, and sales of market-leading industrial display solutions.


JDIT-K display products manufactured in Kaohsiung, Taiwan will now be branded and marked with a JDI logo. From 1st February 2023, all new products and packaging that were previously identified with a KOE logo will transition to using a JDI logo. This change to JDI branding does not have any impact on any other aspect of the products.


Benson Huang, marketing manager, JDIT-K said, “The announcement of the product branding change now completes the organisation consolidation and branding migration from that of our former business KOE to the new JDI branded product. We now hope to be able to benefit with the recognition of unified branding for all JDI display products and solutions.”


As part of the corporate rebranding, a new domain name for the JDIT-K website: www.jditk-j-display.com has been officially launched and will replace the previous website domain: www.koe.j-display.com


JDIT-K has an established LCD heritage. Over 40 years ago, as an early pioneer of LCD technology developing simple character and dot matrix displays. More recently the design, development, and production of In-plane Switching (IPS), low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) has reiterated JDI’s commitment to providing display excellence. JDIT-K will continue with the development and production of a broad range of high-quality, performance optimised display solutions.

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